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Chilled & Frozen

Extensive Chilled and Frozen Range

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Such has been the demand for our extensive chilled and frozen range that Alfa Wholesale’s new depot in Glasgow has been designed to hold even more chillers and freezers.

Just some of the many items we now stock include:

  • Dairy: milk, cheese (including ethnic cheeses), yogurts and desserts
  • Meat: cold meats, burgers, chicken fillets, steaks, goujons
  • Fish: all types of prepared and unprepared fish plus seafood such as prawns
  • Vegetables: full range of frozen, plus popular prepared items like onion rings, chips
  • Ready-to-cook: all your favourites, including samosas, spring rolls
  • Bread: everything from parathas to burger buns
  • Ethnic: ready-to-eat halal meals.


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